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Tips From A Personal Trainer: Warming Up Properly is a Must

If you looking to get the most out of your workout, then you need to be sure you are warming up effectively. It is important for everyone—from beginner fitness seekers to seasoned weightlifters—to warm up before every single workout! Although it might sound like an annoying extra step, warming up before exercise is one of the best ways to ensure that you are getting all of the benefits (and avoiding the risks) of physical training. It’s no secret that Stark is known for our top-notch personal trainers- here is what our coaches wish you knew about warming up!

It Improves Flexibility

You’re likely aware of the benefits stretching has on increasing flexibility, but do you know why this is important for your workout? If you train at Stark you have likely heard the saying “tight muscles are weak muscles”, and weak muscles are more prone to injury. A Stark Tustin/Irvine coach put it like this: if you took one rubber band that was already under a lot of tension and one rubber band with very little tension and tried to attach weight to it, which one would you expect to strain, tear, or snap? Between stretches and CARs (controlled articular rotations), you are lubricating your joins and loosening your muscles so your body is able to reach your available range of motion more comfortably, making each exercise safer and more effective. In turn, this will help reduce the risk of pain or soreness after each workout.

It Increases Blood Flow

Engaging in some of the faster-moving dynamic stretches will help blood flow throughout the body by increasing heart rate and respiration rate, which helps deliver oxygen-rich blood to muscles faster. This is especially beneficial when quick bursts of energy are necessary components of success, such as during high-intensity exercises or metabolic conditioning. Increased blood flow ensures that your muscles have the fuel they need to power through an intense training session, and helps deliver key nutrients that your muscles needed to grow and strengthen for lasting benefits after your workout as well!

Mental Preparation

Warming up isn't just great for your body- it's also great for your mind! Spending time before each workout to focus on what you're about to do can help both physically and mentally prepare you for what's ahead. Taking a few minutes to relax and stretch can help clear away any mental cobwebs while simultaneously allowing yourself time to set goals or intentions for your upcoming session, helping keep motivation high during those last few reps when it really counts! The next time you warm up, think about the muscles you are about to use during your training session and focus on stretching and warming up those muscle groups. When you are mindful of activation during your warm-up, you are able to better stimulate the proper muscles while training, allowing you to get a more effective workout by limiting compensation, share a personal trainer at Stark Newport Beach.

Injury Prevention

Most notably, warming up properly helps prevent injuries due to overworking certain muscles without proper preparation beforehand. This means that not only will your muscles be less likely to strain or tear as a result of overuse, but they'll also be better prepared for any strenuous activities during the actual workout itself! This is where the quality of your warm-ups comes into play. When you have slow, heavy movements, you will likely need to warm up differently than when you are going to perform quick, dynamic exercises. If you’re ever unsure of how to best warm up for your workout, don’t be shy about asking your personal trainer for guidance! It’s important to always listen to your body when exercising—warm-ups are a great way to make sure that you don't push too hard too soon!

Warming up is essential if you want to get the most out of each workout session. Not only does warming up provide physical benefits such as increased flexibility, improved blood flow, and injury prevention, but it can also provide mental benefits such as improved focus and clearer goal setting so that each session is more effective than ever before! So next time you have a training session, make sure you take some time beforehand for a good warm-up -your body, your mind, AND your Stark coach will thank you!

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