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The Number One Reason for Back Pain

It happens to everyone and is usually caused by sitting down or sleeping on your side in a fetal position.

What most people don't know is that number one cause of lower-back pain is a tight hip flexor (or psoas).

A shortened hip flexor may increase lordosis in the lumbar spine, compressing the facet joints, discs and muscles in the area.

Eventually, you will start to feel pain in this area.

We have all experienced that back tightness when standing up after sitting for too long!

Back pain is the second most-common reason people visit the doctor, and relieving that pain is a billion-dollar industry.


Back pain, however, is one of the least understood.

The problem is that most physical therapy tends to address the symptoms in your back instead of the tight hip flexor that causes it.

When the hip flexors are tight, neurologically this will shut off the “glutes” tightening them.

So how do we fix this problem?

By stretching the hip flexors and the “glutes” properly!

Watch this video!

Remember to stretch the muscles for 30 seconds; repeat this 4-5 times throughout the day.

For more severe cases, I recommend seeing the specialists at Stark in Irvine, California who can perform a detailed examination and provide active release technique along with other functional therapy to speed up the process.

However, remember that it all starts with the hip flexor!

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