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Practice This Skill Before Setting a New Years Resolution

With New Year’s resolutions on the horizon, it is important to start off the year strong. Many people make resolutions to themselves like “I will lose weight,” or “I will run a marathon.” But often, these resolutions become daunting and overwhelming- and this is especially true if you typically engage in negative self-talk, such as judging yourself harshly or feeling like your best efforts are never good enough. Positive self-talk is an incredibly powerful skill that can help you reach your goals and cultivate a healthier mindset. Let’s explore why it is so important—and why you should practice this skill before trying to set a New Year’s resolution.

What Is Positive Self Talk?

Positive self-talk is a form of therapeutic intervention that helps people become aware of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It involves recognizing negative thought patterns while replacing them with positive thoughts and statements. For example, if you find yourself thinking “this is impossible” when faced with a challenge, try replacing it with something like “I can figure this out with some time and practice." Some people practice positive self-talk through the use of mantras, such as “I choose to think thoughts that serve me well”, or even something as simple as “I am enough”.

The Benefits of Positive Self Talk

When used regularly, positive self-talk has numerous benefits—both mental and physical. Studies have shown that using positive talk can reduce stress levels, boost confidence, increase motivation, increase resilience in challenging situations, improve performance on tasks, improve sleep quality and even help boost immunity! In short, engaging in regular positive self-talk can have a profoundly beneficial effect on your overall well-being—which makes this the perfect skill to develop for better health.

How To Practice Positive Self Talk

One great way to start incorporating positive self-talk into your daily life is by writing down any negative thoughts or feelings that come up throughout the day and then reframing them into something more empowering. For example, instead of beating yourself up for not getting enough done during the day—try recognizing all that you did accomplish instead. You can also make a conscious effort to incorporate more affirmations into your life by repeating phrases such as “I am strong," “I am capable," or “I will succeed" whenever you feel overwhelmed or discouraged.

The key is to focus on what you want rather than what you don't want—this will help keep you focused on the goal at hand while also staying motivated along the way. As with any skill, positive self-talk takes practice, but over time you can build it into a habitual way of thinking.

Why is Positive Self-Talk Important for Setting Goals?

Before setting goals for the new year, it's important to be honest with yourself about what your strengths are and where you may need some help. Positive self-talk can help provide clarity when setting realistic goals for yourself because it allows you to look at both sides of the equation without judgment or criticism to avoid setting impossible standards for yourself.

Acknowledge your strengths and don't be afraid to celebrate them, but also recognize areas where you may need to ask for assistance and think about who can help you get there. Positive self-talk allows you to acknowledge your limits without ego getting in the way, so you can set reasonable goals for yourself and plan for success, instead of setting yourself up for disappointment.

Practicing positive self-talk is an important skill to incorporate when setting any goal for yourself, and resolutions for the New Year are no different! Not only does it help build confidence and resiliency, but positive self-talk also reduces stress and increases performance, making it a useful tool year-round for any challenge you may face, whether it be work, family, or just your own mental health. Stark is always here to help you set and accomplish any health and fitness goal, and we wish everyone a happy goal-achieving year to come!

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