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The Packing List Your Goals Wish You Used For Travel

Everyone knows the struggles of traveling- it is hard to stay consistent with eating out and the poor nutrition that is likely to follow, the plane ride leaving you feeling tight and sluggish, jet lag throwing off your sleep cycles, and just overall fatigued.

Although we are lucky to live in sunny SoCal where we have vacation weather year round, there are times traveling is a necessary evil, such as unavoidable work trips or those pesky tropical vacations you agreed to with friends that you just can’t get out of.

But what if you could avoid all the traveling troubles and return home feeling like the best version of yourself, even after a long trip? Fortunately the team at Stark has you covered! Although we can’t guarantee you will feel better than before you left, we have complied a few helpful tips on how to pack to stay on track while you’re away.

  1. Healthy Snacks

It’s no secret hitting your protein targets can be challenging while traveling. Packing canned sardines, jerky, and protein bars or powder are some great non-perishable options to help keep your protein high, especially while traveling. Nuts or rice cakes can also help supplement the other macro nutrients if you tend to be so busy you miss lunch. If you decide to pack protein powder, be sure to bring a blender bottle along too!

  1. Your supplements

On top of your usual prescribed regiment, you can pack cortisol manager to keep your circadian rhythm in check when traveling between time zones. Fat soluble immune support supplements like vitamin A, vitamin D, and biociden throat spray are a must to keep you feeling your best, and digestive enzymes will be helpful for gut regulation to avoid tummy trouble.

  1. Workout supplies

Bring items like a travel sized foam roller, TRX, or resistance bands for easy workouts and recovery while you are gone. If you will only be away for a day or two, it may be easier to reschedule your workouts around your trip, but for anything longer exercise is key to maintaining the healthy habits you worked hard to build at home. The emphasis of these workouts should be maintaining strength, so don’t stress about less volume or load due to a packed schedule or lackluster equipment, and simply focus on getting something in.

  1. Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

Especially if you plan to take a red eye or have trouble falling asleep in new places, these sleep aids can help keep you well rested and better prepared for the long trip ahead. Prioritizing sleep will help you fight fatigue, and give you the energy to make the most out of the days you are traveling. You may also want to download a white noise app for better sleep at the hotel as well.

  1. A Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is key not only before your trip, but also during (yes, on the plane!), as well as once you have arrived at your destination to keep you regular as well as suppressing the urge to eat out of boredom. Water is also a key factor in supporting a healthy immune system, clear skin, and aiding in joint lubrication, making it vital if you want to look and feel you best.


Pack your own meal to bring on the plane. As long as any prepackaged items are still sealed, and homemade items are able to keep outside of the fridge long enough to get through airport security, you will have access to a healthy meal that aligns with your food sensitivities. But please, leave particularly pungent foods at home!

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