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Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

Flipping pancakes on a griddle in the kitchen

Craving the taste of fall without overpriced coffee drinks or sugary baked goods? Then you're in luck with this recipe! Not only are these pumpkin protein pancakes gluten free and dairy free, they will also satisfy your pumpkin craving without blowing your nutritional goals. Especially as the holidays approach, you don't have to compromise your macros for taste. These pancakes give you a little taste of fall and more protein than other pumpkin-based breakfast options. 

2½ servings vanilla protein powder
1¼ cup gluten free raw rolled oats 
1 tbsp baking soda
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 tsp powdered Stevia
½ tsp salt
¼ tsp nutmeg
1½ cup almond milk
½ cup pumpkin puree
4 tbsp liquid egg whites

Heat griddle or non-stick pan on med-high heat.
Mix all the dry ingredients, then add all the wet ingredients. 
Spray griddle with non-stick spray.
Scoop batter with a 1/4 cup measuring cup onto griddle.
Cook 2-3 minutes on one side, then flip and cook the other side for another 2-3 minutes.
Take off heat and serve once cooled.

Nutrition Facts for 1 pancake: calories 94, fats 2g, carbs 11g, protein 8g

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