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Olivia Duane Adams: CCO & Co-Founder of Alteryx, Inc.

The leader in data blending and advanced analytics.

“I’ve had to buy new clothes every few months since I started,” says Libby of the negative consequences of her experience at Stark. A serious, determined-looking, and very successful software executive, Ms. Duane never really worked out before and considers her nutrition plan “surprisingly easy.”

Inspired by her eighty-five-year-old mother (who lives alone in a 3-story home, still drives, sleeps upstairs, does laundry downstairs, has no cholesterol problems, and is mentally sharp), Duane recalls, “I knew I didn’t feel right for someone getting older.”

She is the Chief Customer Officer and Co-Founder of a data blending and advanced analytics software company called Alteryx which she started 18 years ago with a couple of friends. She recalls telling her partners prior to starting the company, “We’re as smart as these people.” And so began her new endeavor. The resulting stress from starting a company and growing it to 200+ employees had taken its toll.

As is the case with most business owners, she wasn’t used to spending money on herself: others came first. However, after hearing a co-Founder of Stark speak, she decided it was time to make a change. The impact has not only been weight loss and fat loss, but clearer thinking, focus, and an increase in stamina. “The stress has disappeared, I’m more resilient, and my sleep is great. Traveling across time zones is not an issue—Europe and coming back,” says Libby.

With an initial focus on better performance, she has lost 60lbs since she started! Libby is the ultimate example of a high achiever: feeling great, looking great, and performing great. All of us here at Stark are so proud of Libby’s efforts. She is now a role model and inspiration to so many people in her life!

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