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Neck mobility with Dr. Justin

[vckit_button style="ujarak" title="Watch Here" align="center" custom_onclick="lightbox" custom_class="vckit_custom_class_860f8765d42962" tutorial="" text_color="#e99e26" background_color="#ffffff" border_color="#e99e26" hover_text_color="#ffffff" hover_background_color="#e99e26" hover_border_color="#ffffff" lightbox_id="neck mobility"][vckit_lightbox id="neck mobility" custom_class="vckit_custom_class_960f8759ca1877" tutorial=""][/vckit_lightbox]This exercise is perfect if you have any neck stiffness or if you want to improve your neck mobility.  


It’s best to keep your whole body completely stiff on this exercise, so that only your neck is moving. Now, make 2 fists and lift your arms from your sides about 20 degrees. Pull your shoulder blades back and flex your ENTIRE body to about 20% - 30% effort, just to hold everything in place. 


Isolate your neck and then drop your chin down towards your chest. Slowly, scrape your chin along your right collarbone to look over your right shoulder. Now, roll your head back and look up to the ceiling. Keep rolling it on through, dropping your left ear to your left shoulder, making sure you aren’t shrugging your shoulders up while you’re doing it. Scrape your chin along your left collarbone and back to center. Reverse and repeat. 

 Try this exercise out for 2-3 reps on both sides once a day for great neck mobility!